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In need of Rev Ops Therapy?

You are in the right place, What about Rev Ops? is a podcast and blog hosted with the mission to offer Revenue Operations Therapy to new starters and best practice to those in need.

If you are just starting your journey into RevOps or just need to know if you're the only one experiencing what you are then this is the place to be. 

We are here to keep your sanity, help your career and hopefully have some fun.

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About your host

Rudy Wilson-Evans

As a Revenue Operations expert, I'm dedicated to improving how we work together and share what we know. With over 15 Years of experience in Finance, Billing, Collections, and Revenue Operations, I understand the challenges of managing complex and manual processes.

While data is critical for identifying improvements, I firmly believe that people are the most valuable resource. My approach focuses on enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and potency of your team while streamlining processes to achieve intended changes.

I bring a holistic and realistic perspective to help you improve businesses. The aim I have is to talk about my experiences in Revenue Operations and hopefully share some knowledge and learn more about whats possible

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But What about Rev Ops?

A Weekly Revenue Operations Podcast

This combined with my blog I look to provide insight to those looking to join Revenue Operations and those looking for rev ops therapy.

Here I discuss all things Revenue Operations, the common challenges, how to overcome them and what to expect when you first join a role in Rev Ops. Each week we cover a different topic and have with interviews from industry experts.

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Rev Ops Therapy

Need to get something off your chest?

If you just cant hold in your story or would like to share something on the podcast then lets chat and see how we can share that burden

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Social Media Addict?

Come and follow me on LinkedIn

Im a regular poster on all things Revenue Operations, Working from Home life and Quote to Cash Topics. Come and join in the conversation!

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Have a story to share?

Im always interested in you and what you might have to share. 

Feel free to meet with me and share some interesting facts or stories and Ill see if we can get you on the Podcast!

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